Workshop in Buenos Aires 2019

Three-day-workshop for contemporary mosaic at the Universitá de Arte e Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2019

In the course of the past years invitations to a mosaic workshop had ever and again landed on my writing desk. In October 2019 I could eventually follow the call.

A detailed Power Point lecture on the development of contemporary mosaic – in particular since 1900 – started this activity. Foremost the activities of the travelling exhibition with very different materials but also mosaics from other workshops I held in Brasilia and Greece, met with great interest and were vividly discussed.

13 participants with most varied previous experience in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphic or design had assembled at this seminar, enthusiastically entering a “New World”, as they called it and experimented to their hearts content.

I was totally surprised myself about the enormous change in artistic expression in not more than three days.