My mosaics

All artistic forms of expression, whether music, dance or visual arts and architecture are not only linked to a traditional heritage worth preserving but also a contemporary design language. Mosaics are no exception.

In their contemporary peculiarity in terms of colour and form they are original, authentic and attract unexpected attention.

A selection of my mosaics

Artistically high quality mosaic can be traced back to the third millennium BC. Impressive examples can be admired in early temples in Mesopotamia. For a very long time the general understanding of mosaic was based on this tradition, before a further development took shape.

Today, design and execution may well come straight from the mosaic artist. Sometimes not even a design exists, permitting the artist to realise spontaneous ideas. The range of materials at present used covers not only stone, ceramic and glass but includes metal, wood, textiles, slate, plastic, “objets trouvés” or individual objects of different size.

Mosaics are encountered as decoration on facades, wall fountains and sculptures, are especially suited indoors for unusual, specific designs of foyers in public buildings.

The mobility of modern times is reflected by transportable, high quality specimen, becoming a representative eye catcher and supplementing modern furniture.