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Products of art, above all I painting are special energy carriers in line with the use of freely selectable colour. Without any further wording paintings lead the spectator to the essence, the completely personal inner cosmos of the artist.

Impressions gained leave conscious or unconscious traces in the human being, converted in optically recognizable forms to become visible in the outside world.

“Design the world according to your inner picture,
remain faithful to yourself
do not attempt to please many or even everybody!
This would be awful!”

(based on Gustav Klimt)

A selection of my paintings

My Japan

Yesterday - Now - Tomorrow

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Yesterday - Now - Tomorrow

Generally this material-collage could represent my view of the past, presents and future in this world, on the other hand it contains characteristic symbols:

(In Japan someone reads texts as well as pictures from right to left. So the visitors of this website are invited to follow this way of watching this collage.) Branches and roots reach back to past – hiding treasures of knowledge and typical traces of culture. Since childhood I was impressed by Japanese poetry, paintings, architecture, gardens and its philosophy behind all. More recently, visiting Japan, I was touched by the white light cherry blossoms in front of dark, old temples….

Straight forms in the middle part, very close together, represent modern, busy cities. There is hardly space for people to breath. But culture offers areas: discover the crowd symbolised by Japanese and Austrian flags in front.

Future can be wide, open, always moving according to personal thoughts, -but often covered. Do we expect a golden future? The stream of life connects yesterday, today and tomorrow – while the red sun continues rising every day.

Edda Mally

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