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Experts but also laypersons should endeavour to promote a balanced colour climate in our architectonical environment and highlight the user!

This, however, is by far not enough!

It has been established scientifically that colour is also absorbed by the skin the socalled neurotransmitters and, consequently, will influence the human being.

Furthermore, the human body meets colour stimuli, transmitted visually, with
emotions, aroused by hormone releases of the pituitary gland in our brain. It is
impossible to steer this process consciously.

Training to become an IACC colour designer takes this process into account and
covers topics and findings obtained in quite different areas of knowledge. Multiple
practical exercises and planning tasks enhance the understanding of colour effect
and their intentional use. Seminar graduates will have become qualified to
successfully manage colour projects.

Colour is much more than simple decoration (Frank H. Mahnke)

Edda Mally

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