Edda Mally lives and works in Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Numerous colour projects

Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria
Red Cross Education and Emergency Centre, Vienna
“Ganahl Object”, Feldkirch, Province Vorarlberg, Austria
Residence for Retired People at Gaisa/Fulda, Germany
Residence for Dementia and Retired People “Menda”, Hartberg, Province of Styria, Austria
Analysis and Creation of new Colour pallet for a Town in Italy.
Further colour projects on kindergartens, schools, urban areas, offices, homes for retired people, private apartments and medical offices.

One man shows

Europe, China-itinerary exhibition, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, 2 itinerary exhibitions South Africa and USA


Academy Fine Arts Vienna, Rome & Ravenna, University Vienna, Bologna, (I), Summer Academy Salzburg with Oskar Kokoschka, Stage Design with Günther Schneider-Siemsen, Diploma IACC Academy Salzburg , Austria (International Association of Colour Consultants/ Designers).

Scholarships: School of Seeing, Salzburg, A; Rome, Ravenna, Italy

IACC Colour Workshops for companies and Institutions:

Among others: IKEA and ADLER, Austria, Donau Universität Krems, Austria, Department of Planning Hospitals Province of Styria, and Department of Construction Community of Vienna, Austria, Istituto AIED Milano, IACC Seminars San Diego, California, USA, Co- founder of IACC Seminars Milano, Italy and School for Handicapped, Hamburg, Germany.


Official guest of PR China & travelling exhibition; Peking, Shanghai, Nanning as 1st living European artist (after 2nd world war)

World´s 1st three dimensional mosaic “Parco della Pace”, Ravenna,(I)

Scientific Study “Colour and Environmental Design” for Ministry of Technology Foundation of 1st Office of Colour Design, Vienna

Since 1990 organisation and responsible of IACC Education (IACC Seminars for Colour and Environmental Design) and establishing them at the University Salzburg, Austria. Since then permanent lecturer and member of the board

Since 1994 Deputy President IACC

2003, 2005: Workshops for Watercolour and Mosaic, Curitiba, Brasilia, Brazil

2005, 2007, 2009: Workshop IACC Academy S. Diego California, “Colour and Sensitivity”)

2009: Invitation Symposium 3D Contemporary Mosaic, of Art-Department Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt, Participation 1st.Festival of Contemp. Mosaic “Ravennamosaico”, Italy Invitation Intern. Multimedia Festival Yangon, Myanmar

2011: Co- founder of IACC Seminars, Milan, (Italy)

2013: Member of the jury for the Festival “Ravennamosaico”

2014: President of XIV Conference of Contemporary Mosaic

2014 – 2019: Curator & organisation 1. Itinerary Exhibition “Mosaic as Contemporary Art” in Europe with 18 events in Austria, Italy and Greece, Serbia and North Macedonia, France and Germany

2016: Lectures “Colour and Architecture” at University, Seoul and Keyung Buk University, Daegou, Fashion Fair Daegue, lecture: “Well being and life style making by colour”

2017: Project Colour and Town, Italy AIC Conference, Jeju, Korea, lecture: The importance of Colour in Human life Invitation to EWHA University, Colour Design Research Institute: lecture of Colour in Architecture

2018: Planning and organisation of 60th Anniversary of IACC Academy Salzburg, Austria, with guests of Europe, Korea, Canada and Japan

2019: IACC Colour Seminars in Nagoya und Tokyo, Lecture at AIC Conference Lisbon, Lecture and Workshop for contemporary Mosaic, Universidade de Arte e Design, Buenos Aires, Argentine

2020: Invitation to International Mosaic Symposium “Peace”, Sousse, Tunisia.


Cross of Honour in Silver for Arts and Science of the Republic of Austria

Invitation to Peace Project “Parco della Pace” Ravenna, Italy, as one of 7 internationally invited artists and creation of the 1st. 3D Mosaic-Sculpture in the world

Several awards of art competitions in Austria and Italy

Gold medal, Province of Styria, A

2001: Award of Honour Intern. Art Fair Florence, (I)

2016: Great Cross of Honour for the Merit of the Republic of Austria

Works in public collections

Ministry of Education, A, Collection Albertina, A, State Gallery “Oberes Belvedere”, A

City of Vienna & Fürstenfeld , A, Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa, PR China

Ecuador Museum of Modern Art, Library of Alexandria, Art Collection, Egypt


Bellerophon, Analysis of Roman mosaic of 4th cent.a.Chr, Parndorf, A

Irak, collaboration with University of Commerce, Vienna

Colour and Living Area, Study for Ministry of Techniques, A

Farbenwelt und Lichterspiel, Die anderen Aquarellisten

Mosaic as Contemporary Art, Catalogue

Numerous articles about Colour –its effect and use for special books and magazines

Various Lectures and Workshops in

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, France,, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico City, Myanmar, Namibia, The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, USA